We went to the island of Saaremaa for a four-day field trip, or perhaps more correctly, a holiday. The days were spent taking walks to the sea, taking photographs (and naps), discovering the old houses in the yard, and as I remember most clearly – eating. Lots. But sometimes in-between there, we also did some work I think.

All in all, we had quite a lovely time!


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Residency at L/R, part 2

If you are given the opportunity to go and do creative work in a whole new environment for approximately five days, then what do you do? I did not aim to produce something entirely new in such a short time, but rather to see what would happen if I tried to continue the things I am currently working on in this new place. This environment is indeed completely unknown to me, though I could certainly make a clear connection to the specific place I usually refer to in my work.


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Residency at L/R, part 1

I spent five days at Klungtveit farm in Suldal, southwest Norway. Five days in absolute silence, serenity and solitude. Although it was not exactly a time for peace of mind, as I experienced a rather intense rush of thoughts that suddenly had the opportunity to break through. There was so much time to think, and I did; elongated thoughts that I usually don’t have time to finish when living in the city.


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This gallery contains 20 photos.

I just came home from my 6 day-residency in Ekenäs -Finland. There i met the lovely Krono-people Fia, Jarkko and Andreas. This is Kronomagasinet. Here is Pro-artibus short time residency where I stayed. Outside. My diary from Ekenäs.  

Working with jewelry

I’ve been helping my father who is a jewelry designer/maker with his website. I photographed all of his work and got to know more about the process of making gold diamond jewelry and french enameling. One of his rings will be featured in the JCK Magazine in June which I also photographed. Here’s the website. I’ll be posting more of my own work very soon too :)

This is one of my favorite pins.


Strange architecture

Someone is building something in the woods behind our house. I don’t know who or why, but I do find it quite beautiful. I keep coming back to this place because this construction has been ever-changing over the years – once it looked like an ordinary campsite, another time it rather had the vibe of a pagan altar… And now this “hut”.


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In the mountains

I haven’t painted for a long time. But my friends asked me to make a painting for their parents.  The name of the piece is “In the mountains”.


The Last Girl in the Woods Zine

These are some spreads from a zine I made in 2013, as a printed sequel to my degree piece The Last Girl in the Woods. (Previously blogged here) The idea was to capture the same mood as in the installation through photography, using both old ones from my family’s photo albums as well as new ones taken particularly for the zine. And also, a modified quotation from the song Scarborough Fair… I will take this project as a starting point for my residency at L/R later this spring.

It’s all about the woods.


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a walk in the forest

I’ve been teaching photography at the local course center since september last year. My students and I met up today and had a one hour photography session at a nature reserve who’s located near the heart of Ekenäs.



reed is very beautiful during winter.

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Last week was very snowy. The forest looks very mysterious and peaceful during winter time, and very pretty of course!