Working with jewelry

I’ve been helping my father who is a jewelry designer/maker with his website. I photographed all of his work and got to know more about the process of making gold diamond jewelry and french enameling. One of his rings will be featured in the JCK Magazine in June which I also photographed. Here’s the website. I’ll be posting more of my own work very soon too :)

This is one of my favorite pins.



KUMU had amazing architecture. My favorite show was the photography and the sound art exhibition. I have not seen anything like it before. Spending my last day here was a great idea. I will post more of the project very soon.



553912_10151770938352647_622064222_n - Kopya

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The trip to Saaremaa!

We went to the biggest Island in Estonia called Saaremaa. It was a 5 hour drive that included lots of sightseeing, food breaks, taking the ferry and lots of wonderful conversations. Now that I think about it we didn’t listen to music at all we talked the entire trip there and back.


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