Last week was very snowy. The forest looks very mysterious and peaceful during winter time, and very pretty of course!




This is my first post on this blog. I thought that I should perhaps begin my blogging with a “proper” photograph of myself. The photograph on the other hand isn’t perhaps that proper as you can’t really see my face but anyways.

My name is Fia, I’m a 21 year old photogarpher from the southern cost of Finland. I’ve been photographing since i was 14 years old. My mama got me a camera for my 14th birthday and I’ve been hooked ever since that day. I started shooting on film in 2008. My love for the old way of photography has grown stronger day by day and today I have my very own darkroom in our bathroom.

what do I do besides photography? I’ve been skateboarding since about three  years back and I love it. I’m also very much into food since both my parents are in the restaurant business. I love spending lot’s of time outdoors and during summetime I swim quite a lot. Reading is another thing i like spending hours doing.

So this is who I am in a nutshell, take care!