We went to the island of Saaremaa for a four-day field trip, or perhaps more correctly, a holiday. The days were spent taking walks to the sea, taking photographs (and naps), discovering the old houses in the yard, and as I remember most clearly – eating. Lots. But sometimes in-between there, we also did some work I think.

All in all, we had quite a lovely time!


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Residency at L/R, part 2

If you are given the opportunity to go and do creative work in a whole new environment for approximately five days, then what do you do? I did not aim to produce something entirely new in such a short time, but rather to see what would happen if I tried to continue the things I am currently working on in this new place. This environment is indeed completely unknown to me, though I could certainly make a clear connection to the specific place I usually refer to in my work.


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Residency at L/R, part 1

I spent five days at Klungtveit farm in Suldal, southwest Norway. Five days in absolute silence, serenity and solitude. Although it was not exactly a time for peace of mind, as I experienced a rather intense rush of thoughts that suddenly had the opportunity to break through. There was so much time to think, and I did; elongated thoughts that I usually don’t have time to finish when living in the city.


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