Residency at L/R, part 2

If you are given the opportunity to go and do creative work in a whole new environment for approximately five days, then what do you do? I did not aim to produce something entirely new in such a short time, but rather to see what would happen if I tried to continue the things I am currently working on in this new place. This environment is indeed completely unknown to me, though I could certainly make a clear connection to the specific place I usually refer to in my work.


I brought with me a small inventory of tools and objects that I wanted to work with, along with material I found on the site. So I took white linen sheets, cotton twine, a bit of rope, some handwoven ribbon, a skein of uncolored wool, my Mora knives and an old cross stitch sampler book. The reason for all this white textile was of course the possibility of making natural dyes, but of that…became nothing. No stitching was done either, even though the time it requires was (as stated before) not a problem.

Instead, I took up another idea that has been in the back of my head for some time – the Flags. I’m not entirely sure what they are yet, but they are part of a project about “personal topography” – identity and place, manifest, heritage and conditions for creativity in the margins. In short. The Arc Pendulum and the Little Altar to Ragged Wood, also pictured above, are now parts of the same project.

I will soon post additional images from the residency on my own blog, so take a look.

Now, we’re soon off to Estonia!

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