The amazing Not Quite

Today we explored the magical Not Quite. The morning started with a visit to the director of Not Quite- Sara. We had a very interesting interview about the residencies, local community and the organisation aswell. After that we drove to Not Quite and met some artists, locals, machines and buildings. We explored the different exhibitions and even got to do a bit of art ourselves.

Invidualism vs collectivismIndidualism vs Collectivism: “Put your money where your heart is”: a really cool idea

The story behind Not Quite. There is an art college in the village next to Fengersfors and about 12 years ago students from the college came and started renting some spaces from the old paper factory. Nowadays the organisation has 47 members (artists from different fields) and they rent large spaces from the owner of the factory. It still has a lot of old machines and is one of the only places in Sweden where you can actually follow the process of making paper from the beginning (the machines don’t work but you can follow the line of making the paper). There are a lot of different studios (ceramics, blacksmithing, woodworking, photo studio etc) so I would describe this place as an artist’s heaven. Around every corner you can find an enormous machine on some really cool art so it really is a paradise in the middle of woods.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the factory houses

Artists shopShop where the artists sell some crafts they made

Some of the people we met. After visiting Sara we had the chance of meeting a local baker called Deb. She showed us how the bread is made and told the story how her dream has come true. She is from England and visited Sweden about 20 years ago and wanted to move here. It took her almost 15 years to actually move to Sweden and now her dream to work as a baker has been fulfilled.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Deb showing us the wonders of making and baking bread

We also met a ceramic artist Annie who has been in Not Quite for years now. One of the most beautiful quotes about art residencies of today is from her: “To get people to come here from other parts of the world actually gets the world here.”

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAKirke and Annie having a talk about the art residents

There are 6 blacksmiths in Not Quite and to your surprise two of them are women (Ulrika and Jessica). We had the chance of meeting both of them and actually making some metalwork ourselves. This was really awesome and Kirke is seriously thinking about becoming an artist after this experience.


“The Paruness” by Jessica (To see the original portrait)                         Vincent learning new skills

(Vincent still can’t understand how one can survive when it gets even colder:)

Vincent’s favourite- the fireplace

Some examples from the art exhibitions.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA The old machines and new art









  Self portrait by Jessica






Our greatest thanks definitely goes to the Hallberg family (Karl, Cajsa and their wonderful children). They gave us a place to sleep, a lot of food to eat, showed us around and contacted people we needed to interview for the project. What more could you dream of:)