The trip to Saaremaa!

We went to the biggest Island in Estonia called Saaremaa. It was a 5 hour drive that included lots of sightseeing, food breaks, taking the ferry and lots of wonderful conversations. Now that I think about it we didn’t listen to music at all we talked the entire trip there and back.


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When we arrived Kirkes lovely grandmother made us some delicious “One pot”  dinner. She has the most interesting house I’ve ever seen. It is filled with art that she has made. I didn’t really have internet and was pretty much in the middle of this forest on the Island disconnected from everyone.  There was some type of magical energy there and I really would like to be there in the summer to experience it.



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We visited some small museums on the Island and learned a lot of  the political and social history that Estonians had to go through. The Estonian flag represents white for air blue for sky and black for land. I’ve taken lots of videos of the landscape here and I will edit and post it when I finish.


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The Estonian sauna is very popular here and of-course I had the opportunity to try it. And Saaremaa was the perfect place to do so. I watched the moon and the stars afterwards and felt the infinite space staring at me. I’m really going to miss it here…

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These past 2 days I have been thinking about how I need to manage my time here and experience in such a fast forward way so that I can have a project outcome. I really hope that it will all come together.
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