Kirke and Vincent on Tour de la Scandinavie

Yesterday evening Kirke and Vincent arrived to the port of Paldiski. A big industrial port that has a lot of cargo ships all around. Our first mission was to find our ship called Kaunas (stupid in french by the way- Vincent was very amused). Once we had found the ship and managed to get on board we found ourselves among the creme de la creme- the Estonian truck drivers. It was us and at least 50 trucks on the boat.

IMG_20131018_205249 The blurry passanger Kirke

To our great surprise we had the bonus of getting free dinner and breakfast and Vincent took the most out of it as you can see in the picture.

IMG_20131018_223503 Vincent and THE food

Right now we are in all small city (Enköping) on the way to Fengersfors in Sweden and hopefully after a 4 hour drive we´ll get to our first stopping point- Not Quite.

Just to give you an overview of where we are going in the next 6 days we have added a map of our Tour de la Scandinavie. The places we’ll visit are Not Quite in Fengersfors, L/R in Suldal, hopefully Rogaland Art Center in Stavanger and then in the end ARNA in Harlösa.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 11.59.04 PM Tour de la Scandinavie


This is it for now. Keep your fingers crossed that the team of Kitekat (this how the French call Kirke) and Vincent make it to Fengersfors before the winter comes.

Kitekat and Vincent on the boat