Let the tales begin!

“Tales from the woods” is a unique artist-in-residence project that gives you the opportunity of following the lives of five young artists (called The Art Flaneurs). Each Art Flaneur is a representative of a partner organisation from Estonia (Creative Center Carnation), Finland (Kronomagasinet), Sweden (ARNA and Not Quite) or Norway (Rogaland Art Center- L/R). During the project all of them will visit one of the partner organisations to experience a short term artist-in-residence programme. They will also work on a joined project that will be introduced to the public in April 2014 when all of them meet at a symposium in Tartu.

In addition, a small research is made about the affect of arist-in-residence projects to the local communities. All of the partner organisations are located more or less in smaller cities or some even in the real woods. The project is coordinated by Creative Center Carnation from Estonia.