Creative Center Carnation

Creative Center Carnation, the lead partner of the project, is a non-profit independent creative hub in Tartu, Estonia, which among others, is currently home to the Printing Museum, Paper Museum, an eco-friendly youth hostel, a furniture renovation workshop, several studios for jewellery design and screen-printing and an officeshare for creative professionals from a wide spectrum of artistic fields. Since its inception in 2010, CCC has continuously hosted a rich artistic and cultural programme for the local community, including printing and paper art workshops, exhibitions, talks, film screenings, crafts festivals and outreach educational activities, making it quickly emerge as one of the most active and versatile players in the local cultural scene.

CCC envisions a sustainable approach to contemporary artistic creation. It situates creativity and innovation in the revival and reinvention of the traditional methods, techniques, tools and materials in art and crafts, and is committed to researching possibilities of reducing the ecological footprint related to art. This concept of incorporating environmental sustainability into artistic practice is the guiding principle of the Tartu Artist-in-Residence Programme operated by CCC with six other local partners, in which artists mostly create works either out of recycled or natural materials during their residence.