Lukkeskåra/Rådlausjuvet (L/R for short) is a residency set on a remote farm in Suldal, in the southwestern part of Norway. The farm has no road leading to it and visitors must hike up the mountainside to reach it. Artists and others working in creative fields are invited to spend some weeks on the farm and use the opportunity to focus on their work and explore new methods of working, in a different setting.

Suldal is situated in the region of Ryfylke, in the northeast of Rogaland. Suldal has a population of just below 4000 and is geographically the largest municipality in Rogaland. Though the biggest power stations in Norway are situated in Suldal, the vast majority of the area consists of untouched mountain terrain. L/R is located in the area known as Øvre Suldal (Upper Suldal) and the nearest villages are Nesflaten and Suldalsosen.


Website: www.lukke-raadlaus.no