Doday, 19.november Norwegian artists are protesting. KUNSTNERAKSJONEN Is a protest against cuts in grants for artists, Norwegian art institutions are shutting down for one day. Art in public collections will be covered up. Art institutions’ websites will go dark. People will be encouraged to not use art of any kind that day, no books, no music, no theatre no statues no paintings etc etc. Funding for art is won through solidarity. www.facebook.com/…

The trip to Saaremaa!

We went to the biggest Island in Estonia called Saaremaa. It was a 5 hour drive that included lots of sightseeing, food breaks, taking the ferry and lots of wonderful conversations. Now that I think about it we didn’t listen to music at all we talked the entire trip there and back.


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ARNA- where Kirke and Vincent met art and nature

After arriving to Harlösa in Sweden on Wednesday we were welcomed by Kerstin (manager of residencies in ARNA). She took us around the Avian Kingdom (area full of birds and wonderful nature). We got to know some very interesting facts and stories about the villages and the area itself (how it was during the ice age covered with ice and how the villages moved because of the land reform etc).

IMG_20131023_164901The exhibiton spaces of ARNA 

In the evening we were accompanied by the local artist Arnold. We had a dinner full of discussions with Arnold, Kerstin and Victor (Kerstin’s son). We talked about the project, impact of residencies on local communities and the possible overall outcome of the project. Late at night Kerstin’s husband arrived and opened the world of clocks for Kirke.

IMG_20131023_184537The dinner with Victor, Arnold and Kerstin

In the morning we continued interviewing locals and got some very good ideas on why residencies are good for the local community. We had a wonderful interview with a very nice local Ulf who welcomed us at his home.

IMG_20131024_083926Ulf and Kirke having a talk

After visiting Ulf we had the possibility of visiting Arnold’s studio and take a look at his work. The sun had also come out for a change and the light at the studio was golden.

IMG_20131024_090325Arnold’s studio

IMG_20131024_090815Kirke and Arnold having a talk

Around noon we drove to Lund to visit Trans Europe Halls (a big organisation where Creative Center Carnation and Not Quite are members) headquarters. We had a lovely meal with Anaid (communication manager) and two interns. We had an old printing press that was waiting to get home. With the help of others we got the press on board and started driving back to Kapellskär.

IMG_20131024_121624The press is ready for the ride home

We arrived at the port about 5 minutes before the registartion was closed and got on the boat. On Thursday morning after driving 3500 km we were back in Estonia. Wonderful trip with amazing people and places!

L/R- left and right through the mountains in Suldal

Tuesday morning began with waking up among the incredible Norwegian mountains and sheep. We spent the night at an old farm house from the 19th century. After walking down the hill and saying hello to the sheep we enjoyed the company of L/R’s manager Gunhild and his father. Soon we were accompanied by Sarah- an artist from Canada doing her residency.

IMG_20131022_121349The farm house where we had the pleasure to stay at

After getting some proper clothing from Gunhild’s father we took the hike (Norwegian hike!) up to the residency house. Sarah showed us the way and in 30 minutes we could see the amazing isolated house with a magnificent view.


The way up

IMG_20131022_104248The amazing view

IMG_20131022_104649Kirke and Sarah in front of the residency house

We were welcomed to see the house from the inside. Sarah is doing a collaboration project with another Canadian artist Brenna. We got to take a look at what they had been doing for the last couple of weeks and talked about their fights with sheep to get the apples before the animals eat them.

IMG_20131022_110702Kirke having a talk with Sarah and Brenna

The house is well renovated with a kitchen, a living room and three bedrooms. There is electricity and the water comes from a small creek just nearby. The view is breathtaking.

IMG_20131022_110618Some wonderful art by Sarah




As this trip has been quite full of adventures another one was waiting for us. When climbing down the mountain we managed to get off the track. It took us some time to get down through the slippery rocks and leaves but finally we made it.


Kirke on the way down



After leaving Suldal we started driving to Stavanger through the unforgettable mountains. Four hours later we were already in front of Rogaland Art Center where we were welcomed by Geir who showed us around. There happend to be an Estonian exhibition opening in two weeks at the center. We were invited to have dinner with the team making the exhibition happen (many Estonian artists mong them) in a place called Tou Scene. The building was an old brewery and now welcomes to enjoy all different kinds of cultural activites (concerts, fairs, exhibitions etc).

Tou Scene


IMG_20131022_183914Kirke and geir having a talk in Rogaland Art Center

IMG_20131022_193822The dinner 

After the fulfilling meal we said goodbye to Geir and the others. Then we started one of the most difficult rides of my life and made it through rain and wind to ARNA in Harlösa at 16.00 Wednesday. Now there are 2600 kilometres behind us and some more ahead.