Let the tales begin!

We welcome you to enjoy the Tales from the woods! You can read the overall description of the project in the About section. But just in case you are too lazy to do that we shall give you an overview of the project right now as well. Through this blog you have the opportunity of following the journey of five young artists (the Art Flaneurs) from partner organisations in Estonia (Creative Center Carnation), Sweden (ARNA and Not Quite), Norway (Rogaland Art Center-L/R) and Finland (Kronomagasinet).

They will hold this blog together and make short-term residencies in the partner organisations. You can soon read more about the partner organisations and also the artists in the Art Flaneurs and Partners section. In addition to holding a blog together a research shall be made about the impact of art residencies on the local community in more rural areas.

C016818-R1-13-13A“The tales from the woods in Tartu”

So who do we have here on the blog ? Ina- Art Flaneur representing L/R, Klara- Art Flaneur representing Not Quite, Fia- Art Flaneur representing Kronomagasinet, Arpi- Art Flaneur representing ARNA, Jaan- Art Flaneur representing Creative Center Carnation. Then we also have two other figures- Kirke and Vincent. Kirke (a student and artist-in-residence coordinator from Creative Center Carnation) is mainly doing the mailing, coordinating and administrating. Vincent (a French European Voluntary Service volunteer) is helping Kirke do the coordinating stuff and also helps out with the research. Some of the first posts will be by done by Kirke and Vincent as they explore some of the partner organisations on their Tour de la Scandinavie.

Let the fun begin! Enjoy the blog and feel free to make comments and ask questions !